The Red Cross partners with and Korian to provide training in care professions for the elderly in France

Strengthening the recruitment of care assistants and nurses

The Korian group and the Red Cross are mobilizing to promote the training and recruitment of care assistants and nurses working with frail and dependent elderly in France.


Aide soignante

« Making the professions to support ageing known and valued, and integrating young people into them is a key challenge for our group, our sector, but also for French society. We are very happy to work with the Red Cross in this process, whose training expertise is a benchmark, » says Sophie Boissard, General Manager of the Korian Group.


As of now, in Korian homes and clinics in France, 6,000 internships are available to care assistant learners and 2,000 internships are available to nursing students trained in the French Red Cross Regional Institutes of Health and Social Training (IRFSS).



In September 2019, the Red Cross will open in its Romainville training institute, near Paris, the first class of apprentice carers specific to Korian with 17 apprentices. This training will include a component dedicated to interpersonal skills and technical expertise related to the support of elderly people, particularly cognitive disorders.


« With a formative activity of more than 150 years, the French Red Cross training sector has turned this heritage into an asset to build its expertise and strengthen its pedagogical singularity on training for professions in the health, social and medico-social sector with a continuous requirement for creativity and innovation », says Jean-Christophe Combe, Director General of the French Red Cross.