Our company project “In Caring Hands” by Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer of Korian

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In less than a generation, in Europe we will move from 1 senior out of every 3 active people to 1 out of 2*. These seniors will need more care and support than in previous generations as well. The human, economic and societal challenges are thus huge. Additional labor, new skills, new facilities, and new services will be required.

To meet this challenge, our corporate project "In Caring Hands" will be our roadmap for the next 5 years. This project, which is in line with what we have already accomplished through our K-2020 strategic plan, places our employees, residents and patients at the heart of our attention.

"In Caring Hands" drives each of us every day as we continually seek more quality, more vigilance and more innovation in serving those entrusted to us by families and loved ones. This pact of trust is based on reciprocal commitments: between Korian and helpers, between Korian and those helped, between Korian and its employees, and between Korian and our stakeholders, who are key for our Group’s development and transformation.

Driven by the same "In Caring Hands" vision, with a spirit of excellence and innovation, today Korian has become the European expert on care for elderly and fragile people, with a diversified offer and solutions adapted to all needs in each of our territories.

Starting now and into the future, "In Caring Hands" is Korian Group's corporate project, a collective commitment launched last September at the European level, aimed at making the Group the trusted partner par excellence for helpers and those helped.

Korian is a Group like no other, a deeply human Group, a community of endearing, deeply-committed men and women who accompany and heal every day, who give so much and also receive so much from those in their care. This mobilisation is a force that will drive each of us, in each country, alongside those we support.


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*Source : Eurostat