Oriane, the Korian's the new home services offer for seniors

Today, Korian launches Oriane, a comprehensive home-care services solution which combine all the potential of a digital platform and personal visits from professional who provide support and care for the assisted person.

logo Oriane

Oriane, what is it?


“Oriane is a unique offer on the market. Our ambition is to rethink home care by making everyday life easier for people who have lost self-sufficiency and wish to remain in their homes, as well as for their families. We are fully committed to the current political drive to develop the home care services offering within a pathway approach” says Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer of the Korian Group.


4 services to live at home in a serene and secure way


Everyday life: support for daily life (housework, meals, help with getting up and going to bed, etc.) is provided by a qualified care worker with at least three years’ experience, with each client visited by the same person every day.

Health monitoring for ageing well: as part of a strategy of prevention and proximity, a nurse visits the home to carry out an initial assessment (degree of dependency, mobility, the ergonomics of the home, etc.) A health counsellor, who is also a nurse, provides the person with individual health monitoring via a weekly to fortnightly telephone call. This adviser keeps the medical file updated in the secure space on the website and plays a role in prevention by passing on any concerns as necessary to the GP and the family. The adviser also manages specific requests such as organising transport to medical appointments.

Safety and peace of mind: based on the home nurse’s assessment, the home is adapted and equipped to meet the person’s needs. For example, installing grab bars and/or a bath seat, fixing carpets to the floor, putting specific lighting in the bedroom, and so on. Remote assistance systems are also put into place to manage the risks of fires and falls (alarm button, smoke detector, fall detection bracelet).

Special moments: from January 2020, personalised services will be offered to make everyday life pleasant and enjoyable. For example, a meal delivery service, arranging an appointment with a hairdresser or a trip to the theatre.


A digital platform to facilitate the care process


All these services are accessible via Oriane.fr.

A mobile app allows families to check that the services are operating as they should.

The digital platform incorporates a shared health record, which centralizes the patient's health data. Health professionals who follow the person, and in particular the attending physician, hospital doctor or private nurse, can access the secure platform at any time, share information with each other and thus simplify the follow-up of their patient's care journey.

“Oriane brings together complementary services in daily care, home safety, health monitoring and bespoke services, to meet the specific needs of people who are isolated and experiencing a greater or lesser degree of frailty. Its digital interfaces enable healthcare professionals to easily participate in the home care pathway, and to support carers. We will deploy the service throughout France, wherever Petits-fils, our premium home care network, is present, with 1,000 clients targeted for the first year of operations,” explains Korian Domiciles CEO, Olivier Lebouché.

The service is already available in the cities covered by the agencies Petits-fils in Paris, in the Yvelines and the Hauts-de-Seine. It will be available by the end of 2019 in all cities covered by the Petits-Fils network.