More than 4,000 rooms will be renovated until the end of 2021

Since 2018, Korian has started BOOST, an extensive renovation programm of our facilities.

The aim: to create user-friendly spaces and improve the living environment for our residents as well as the working environment for our employees.

Lighting, furnishings, colours, textiles... everything is carefully chosen to give our homes warmth and kindness, so that they feel as close as possible to the atmosphere of a home. Modularity and personalisation are the key words of this renovation.

The common areas of a nursing home are at the same time places of welcome, exchange, activity, and places to receive one's family. Interior design mixes conviviality and personalization, comfort and reassurance, simplicity and elegance. A clever and pleasant layout helps residents with cognitive problems to find their way around, and the teams to improve care and quality of life at work.



The restaurant

The principle of the Show Kitchen, a U-shaped counter that allows residents to see the chef prepare the dishes, has been proposed. The aim is to "get the chef out of the kitchen" and to create conviviality. A "guest" area is also proposed so that residents can have private meals with their relatives. The space is also arranged in privacy zones to create friendly dining rooms and limit noise. For example, screens are installed to create areas for two or four people.


The family lounge

Promoting intimacy and conviviality is a strong demand from residents and their families. The reception areas now have curtains to easily "privatise" rooms. In the lounges, there are fireplaces, knick-knacks and frames on the shelves, as well as games to keep the children occupied. Korian also offers a « coffee place » where everyone can get a drink or a snack with their loved ones at any time.


The room

Five harmonious variations, which play on the print of the headboard, the paint colours, the textile of the seats and the cushions, are available. Each facility chooses the ones that could suit better and enables residents to choose between two colours range. Modularity and customisation are favoured. They include the possibility for residents to choose the location of their bed in the room. They can also bring in furniture or objects that are important to them.


Innovative equipment

Each room is equipped with a grab bar at the entrance and a motion-detecting night light. Mobile (wireless) switches on the bedside table allow the resident to move around safely, especially at night, and reduce the risk of falls. Adjustable healthcare beds make easier to carry out care at a height, to sit upright or to help with meals by means of an adapted position. The bridge chairs installed in front of the desks also have wheels to reduce the strain (carrying - pushing/pulling), particularly when eating in the room. The room is therefore designed to facilitate greater autonomy and comfort, while remaining customisable, a key element of ageing well at home.


The BOOST program also means:

🔹More than 3,000 rooms already renovated and more than 4000 until the end of the year.

🔹Waste from construction sites sorted and recovered for recycling.

🔹Collaborations with inclusion companies for works or removals.

🔹Working companies close to the facilities.

🔹Specific collaboration criteria such as communication, benevolence of workers towards residents and teams, vigilance on working hours and cleanliness of work sites.


Particular attention to the rhythm of life of our residents and the operating constraints of facilities

The organisation of the work by the referenced companies is carried out in several phases (rooms and/or common areas), thus allowing the progress of the programme to be timed according to the reality of the operation. Throughout the works and at the end of each phase, the Korian works manager accompanies the establishment and ensures the proper monitoring and control of the site.


The renovated establishments:  
Villa Saint-Antoine
Les Tybilles
Les Saules