Launch of the 2020 flu vaccination campaign in all our facilities

As the flu vaccination campaign has begun in France, Korian, Europe's leading group providing care for the elderly and frail, is strongly encouraging the nursing staff and residents of its 400 French establishments to be vaccinated.

Last year, more than 60% on average of the employees of our nursing homes were vaccinated and this rate exceeded 90% for its residents, placing Korian at the forefront on this subject. Furthermore, since 2018, to reinforce the control of infectious risk, Korian has been part of the major study conducted by Santé Publique France, which aims to precise.

In a particular context, marked by the persistence of the Covid-19, the Group took specific measures to ensure the smooth running of this campaign. Thus, as it does every year, Korian launched its campaign at the beginning of October and set itself the objective of achieving 100% vaccination of both employees and residents/patients. Korian also issued a challenge to its teams: to be at least as well vaccinated as the residents/patients. Finally, the campaign must be completed before November 2nd.

Furthermore, in order to best manage the possible coexistence of two viruses with often similar symptoms - seasonal flu and Covid-19 - Korian has equipped its establishments with rapid diagnostic tests for both viruses, which are permanently available for rapid detection of either virus.

"Our medical teams are fully aware of the need to avoid the occurrence of a flu epidemic in a context where mobilisation must be focused as much as possible on the protection of our residents against Covid-19. In a context where vaccine supplies could become tighter, we hope that the available stocks will be reserved as a matter of priority for frail people and healthcare staff, in accordance with the instructions of the Assurance Maladie" commented the Dr Paul-Emile Haÿ, Medical Director France Seniors. .