Korian’s engagment against early school leaving and for the professional integration of young people

The “Défi Jeunesse” Program

Défi Jeunesse supports students throughout their school career, from grade 6 to 12, in the acquisition of skills and expertise, the discovery of professions, the meeting with engaged professionals with diverse profiles and backgrounds, the development of extracurricular talents and collective and individual mentoring.


Défi jeunesse


Défi Jeunesse is an innovative program that:

  • Mobilizes and brings together local actors such as companies, voluntary workers, schools, their educational and pedagogical teams, associations and institutions to work together towards the same objective;
  • Integrates wellness actions to work on both knowledge and attitudes, while ensuring coherence between the different contents offered;
  • Supports young people throughout their school career, with a focus on their professional integration, whether generalist, technical or professional.

The United Way L'Alliance association is already supporting more than 7,000 young people from 30 priority educational institutions, with the support of 30 associations and 22 corporate partners, including the Korian Group.

To introduce the professions of care and support for the elderly

Through the skills sponsorship of our employees and the organization of observation internships in institutions, Korian enables young people in these territories to discover the professions of care and support for the elderly.

Grade nine internships in headquarter and in institutions will be organized in 2019 in the Paris area, Orléans and Toulouse to introduce the students to the world of business and the running of a medical retirement home. Sustainable relationships will also be established between the priority colleges integrated into the Youth Challenge program and the Korian facilities located nearby to enable them to meet professionals and promote the care professions.