Korian Solutions launch

Korian has set up “Korian Solutions”, an internal digital agency, to accelerate the integration of digital technology into its business, a programme that has been underway since 2016 but that today reaffirms three ambitions: firstly, and this is new, to expand the offer of home care services, before and after care provided in clinics and long-term care nursing homes; secondly, to optimise operational efficiency and the quality of customer service; and, lastly, to contribute to improving the quality of life of residents by encouraging communication and exchanges with friends and family.

soins a domicile

One of Korian Solutions' priorities is the development of new home care services, in open partnership with parties able to cover all needs of dependent elderly and frail people. Korian has thus entered into two development partnerships with Pharmagest and Patientys to deploy innovative solutions in order to maintain these persons at home.


On 11 September, Korian signed a partnership agreement with the Pharmagest group, a French expert in technological innovations in the healthcare. Korian is testing CareLib, a remote assistance solution, in post-acute and rehabilitation care facilities and long-term care nursing homes in the Nancy and Ile de France regions, with the objective of a commercial deployment in 2019. The Korian powered by CareLib solution provides personalised monitoring and improves coordination of home caregivers. It maintains a link with the family and carers through its connection to a dedicated social network and a remote assistance platform available 24/7.

Korian has also entered into another partnership with Patientys of the Webhelp group, to launch the Hénéa tool platform, the first collaborative platform for developing ageing-at-home support services. Seniors who live in their homes, their families, their doctors and, more generally, those involved in providing support to the elderly, can use this platform to give their opinions and express their needs. Patientys is testing two experimental solutions with Korian::

•The “Seniors 360” information line, which is now available, and which is at the service of seniors and carers to answer their questions about ageing. Specialised state-accredited nurses provide information in three main areas of expertise: appropriate home care and accommodation solutions, and medical and administrative issues.

• “My Nurse” (test scheduled for October 2018) is an offer of health monitoring and care pathway coordination services for seniors with reduced autonomy, which is carried out remotely by state-accredited nurses, in cooperation with general practitioners. It will subsequently be enhanced with a non-care component, in particular by incorporating personal services and digital innovations (IoT, robotics).


In November 2018, the Group will also open a pilot long-term care nursing home in the Paris region, which will be the Group’s first fully connected facility. The solutions it integrates will then be deployed in all its facilities, first in France and then in Europe.These innovations follow the new partnerships entered in the first half of 2018, with the aim of improving operational efficiency and service quality: with medGo, a start-up, to develop in each of the facilities’ divisions a platform to manage replacements for healthcare and hotel staff, and with Doctolib, which is developing a solution adapted to ambulatory care services. In Italy, Korian is gradually rolling out the “Equippe” software application which can be used to schedule, view and record all care procedures already performed and that still need to be performed for each resident (available on a tablet computer).

In 2017, Korian launched the Korian Générations social network, which was developed in partnership with Famileo, to facilitate residents’ ties with their families.


With Korian Solutions, the Korian group is entering a new dimension, with the ambition of broadening the scope of our services by putting digital technology at the service of prevention, for a coordinated, seamless care pathway. Our new digital agency will initially focus, in France, on the programme to diversify into home services, drawing on a territorial network of 370 facilities, the work of the Korian Foundation and its internal expertise” stated Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer of the Korian group.