Korian signs workplace quality-of-life agreement

Korian has signed its first workplace quality-of-life agreement with French trade unions UNSA and CFDT. The agreement addresses five key issues: community life; the work environment; occupational health and safety; work-life balance; and work scheduling.

“All of the measures in the new agreement are designed to make the workplace more comfortable for our teams, with special concern for employees who face challenges at work or at home. This agreement, which we developed in partnership with the trade unions, is the first step toward what we intend to be a long-term, responsible, shared approach to supporting Korian employees day in and day out,” says Nadège Plou, Korian’s Human Resources Director for France.

Under the agreement, Korian staff will be able to seek assistance by calling a dedicated hotline or by taking part in support groups. 

Social workers will provide specific support for caregiver employees who care for dependent family members, through a variety of measures that include financial support to cover home or respite options and a top-up payment to compensate for earnings lost due to compassionate care leave. In addition, Korian’s existing programme allowing employees to donate days off to a colleague with a sick child will be extended to include ailing partners and elderly relatives.

The new agreement also sets up an assistance fund to help employees who are struggling to meet healthcare costs. Korian facilities will continue to invest in equipment as needed to reduce physical exertion, and special provisions to accommodate disability will be added to the agreement in the future.

Meanwhile, the company is trialling an emergency childcare programme that makes nursery places available at all times. 

Finally, the agreement makes scheduling more flexible, with teleworking now officially available for head office staff and care facility managers, and a specific clause giving employees the right to switch off.

Korian will round off these measures by offering a dedicated quality-of-life training programme to all employees.