Korian relieves public hospitals

Korian's health network has already welcomed more than 400 patients to relieve the burden on public hospitals

Korian has fully mobilised its care network to support hospitals during the Covid-19 period, mainly in the Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and PACA regions.

During the first wave, Korian's medical network welcomed around 1,500 Covid+ patients, the vast majority of them in the Paris region. For this second wave, 81 facilities have already given their support, making it possible to mobilise a total of 844 medical beds. These facilities break down as follows: -Follow-up care and rehabilitation clinic: 110 beds mobilised at Korian Le Grand Parc, in the Yvelines, -Follow-up care and rehabilitation: 554 beds mobilised in 72 facilities throughout France, -Home hospitalisation: 180 places mobilised by 8 facilities.


The aim of this public-private partnership is to make the patient journey smoother,whether the patients are Covid-related or not, by offering additional medical beds,like those found in hospitals, for patients coming out of intensive care or with other serious illnesses, in order to free up beds for patients in emergency situations.

Several other clinics have opened Covid-patient units to ensure the continued care of hospital emergency room patients, thus freeing up beds in hospitals.


Other means have been implemented. A specific coordination unit enables postCovid patients from hospitals or nursing homes to be referred for follow-up care and rehabilitation.

In addition, Korian’s teams dedicated to home hospitalisation intervene directly in the nursing homes or patients' homes to provide the acute care necessary for complex or end-of-life patients, Covid or not.

Korian has also developed alternative treatments. The Group has thus accelerated the deployment of telemedicine through the use of teleconsultation, which, among other things, makes it possible to provide immediate and continuous care in nursing homes (10,000 operations were carried out in 173 nursing homes), as well as through the development of remote rehabilitation to supplement traditional care in 19 clinics.


Outside France, the European Korian network is also mobilised. In Italy, for example,seven follow-up care and rehabilitation clinics with more than 100 beds are being made available in the Group's five main regions (Lombardy, Tuscany, Sardinia, Puglia and Valle d'Aosta). In Belgium, 150 places have been identified in 20 facilities; the first admissions took place last week in five facilities.


"Korian's corporate project, "In Caring Hands", which aims to increase the place held by the medical dimension in our care of the elderly and the frail, also enables our Group to develop recognised clinical capacities that we are proud to make available to hospitals at their request, to support them during this health crisis period" emphasises Nicolas Mérigot, Executive Vice-President of Korian France.