Korian partners with Ages & Vie to develop shared housing for elders

The Korian group, European leader in care and support services for seniors, announces its partnership with Ages & Vie, an up-and-coming business from eastern France, to step up the development of shared housing solutions that accommodate seven housemates.

Their concept creates a safe, friendly and inter-generational environment where seniors can retain their independence while sharing a normal house that feels like home.

Korian has acquired 70% of Ages & Vie’s capital.
The company’s three founding members, Thierry Morel, Nicolas Perrette and Simon Vouillot, remain shareholders. They will continue to run the company and manage the brand, and will roll out an ambitious plan to build a 200 homes network across France over the next six years, which will accommodate 3,000 people and create more than 2,000 direct jobs. Further down the line, the venture is expected to expand into the European countries where Korian operates: Germany, Belgium and Italy. 

For Sophie Boissard, Korian group’s Chief Executive Officer, “Ages & Vie’s concept perfectly complements Korian’s current solutions. This innovative approach will enable us to open up our services to people who are more independent. We will provide the company with all our expertise to help them intensify their expansion.” 

The single-storey residences all have a spacious shared living area with an open-plan kitchen, lounge and dining room, and a garden, and occupants each have their own studio with a bathroom and private terrace. Bright and spacious interiors are designed to ‘feel like home’ and allow housemates to circulate with ease, while the modern materials and soothing tones create a comfortable and reassuring atmosphere.

Occupants mainly come from the neighbouring town or region, so they feel quite at home as they know the area well and have contacts nearby. They socialise together when they feel like it, and specifically at mealtimes and during the activities organised by staff. Several home helps are on hand to look after the residents, and live upstairs with their families. They are very versatile and cater to everyday needs such as planning activities, preparing meals, helping the residents in and out of bed, washing, and shopping. They encourage residents to contribute to everyday tasks as far as they want and are able to, similar to living with a family.

The three founders of Ages & Vie, Thierry Morel, Nicolas Perrette and Simon Vouillot, say “We are very proud to have Korian on board to develop Ages & Vie on a national scale. Working in conjunction with them, we will carefully cultivate our brand and our concept, while being sure to preserve our initial ethos: shared homes for seven seniors, that have a family dimension and are firmly rooted in the local community, with an outward-looking approach”.