The Korian group with Accor, The Adecco Group, and Sodexo launch the first joint Apprenticeship Training Centre for the Cooking and Catering trades.

The Korian group, alongside Accor, The Adecco Group, and Sodexo, announced today that they have signed an agreement on a project to set up a joint Apprenticeship Training Centre (CFA) for the cooking and catering trades.

In a context of tension in several professions, these companies are pooling their efforts by relying on the advantages provided by the " Avenir Professionnel" Law on Professional Training.

Enhance de value of Professional Training

This project reflects their common ambition to upgrade business sectors in shortage of manpower and skills, starting with the Cooking and Catering professions. In 2018, these four major groups, leaders in their respective sectors, recruited more than 11,000 employees in these businesses (with 1000, 9000, 313 and 1350 employees respectively for Accor, The Adecco Group, Korian and Sodexo).

CFA Muriel Penicaud Korian


CFA table ronde Remi Boyer Korian

A training centre with several objectives

Based on their size, reputation and expertise in terms of apprenticeship, they wish to offer initial and continuing training opportunities in these professions with the following objectives:

• to attract young people to these jobs;

• to promote the social lift and retain the professionals of these companies by offering them training paths leading to qualifications;

• to contribute to the performance and growth of each of the companies’ groups.

This project will make it possible to implement a differentiating approach to apprenticeship training, by innovating in teaching methods, integrating digital tools, excellence in reception, a sense of service, French health and know-how, safety and a culture of collaboration.

The collaboration on this project of these four leading companies’ groups present in four different sectors of activity will enable apprentices to benefit from a transversal approach to skills.

To implement this project, Accor, The Adecco Group, Korian and Sodexo will create a joint entity between the four groups, in charge of the governance and management of the CFA, which will be able to rely on partnerships with existing Centres.

The first training courses should start in 2020.

For Rémi Boyer, Group Director of Human Resources & CSR "The Korian group is a growing group and we need skills. Apprenticeship and training are at the heart of our challenges. The CFA is a solution to make our businesses known."