Korian continues to diversify with the development of new home assistance offers in Italy



The Korian group, having been operating in Italy since 2007 with a network of 62 specialised clinics and long-term care nursing homes for the elderly, is now taking a 42% stake in the Over company created to develop a new residential and home assistance offering for the elderly and fragile. This offer will include self-contained accommodation units and small-sized co-rental accommodation for the elderly and will be supplemented by a medical assistance platform and bespoke home services, as an addition to the outpatient activities offered by Korian facilities. The offer will be made available through a partnership with the specialist website Per Anziani.

Over targets 3,000 apartments and home units by 2025, most of them in northern Italy, working with its various partners and investors.

Over is a development company and service provider founded by Italian entrepreneurs. The company will be headed up by Dr Mariuccia Rossini, who is also Chairwoman of Korian Italy Board of Directors.


“The partnership with Over in Italy follows on from the partnerships formed in France with Age&Vie and Petits-fils in 2018 and the launch of the Oriane platform last September, as we pursue our company project, In caring hands”, says Sophie Boissard, CEO of the Korian group. “The Group is entering an important stage in its development in the home assistance and care segment, as we seek to offer innovative solutions to meet the different needs in each of the territories we work in – solutions that are respectful of each person’s wishes, delivered together with the best partners.”

For Mariuccia Rossini, CEO of Over: "The new Over offer that I have the honour and pleasure to develop aims to reinvent the support provided to the independent elderly population , through the new and innovative services. Beyond the easy access to care, Over will meet their new needs: to live comfortably at home, in complete safety with full independence. Digital solutions allow us to provide this tailor-made support, coordinated with the care and medical needs of each individual, in connection with the local care network."