Korian celebrates women through the portrait inspiring personalities

Women occupy a special place within the Korian group, both among its teams and among the elderly or vulnerable people it supports. On the occasion of International Women's Day 2019, Korian is opening a new page to give a voice to women with strong personalities!


La Voix des Ainés

The Korian Foundation  is launching a series of video portraits of people who live in his homes and clinics, with inspiring life stories or contagious passions. Two beautiful women's personalities open these meetings.

Louise Voltzenlogel, an outstanding knitter, has not only a heart but also golden fingers. Passionate about knitting, she is involved in an association that helps disadvantaged young mothers by making clothes for newborns.



Jeannine Vacelet, a sparkling resident of almost 95 years old, holds a daily salon at Maison Bel Air in Clamart, bringing together residents, team members and visitors to share with her in a good mood. Clément Boxebeld and Julia Mourri, founders of Oldyssey, signed his portrait.



Korian also makes the voice of the elders heard through the restitution of writing workshops rich in emotions and memories, published in a series entitled "Nous les anciens", published by Henry Dougier Publishing. In the one carried out in Marseille, five women co-signed a "letter to children of the 21st century".

Finally, in 2019, the Korian Foundation for Vital Aging will produce a series of eight portraits of residents in podcasts on two themes: the rights of women, recent and fragile, and the progress that can be assessed in terms of history. These portraits will be taken by Sophie Pillods, winner of the 2018 Korian Foundation Prize with "Ear in Walks".


Women's Portraits - Jobs Like No Others

With an inclusive and diversified vision of women's roles in society, Korian values the professions of the Great Age and Autonomy.

Meeting with Claudia Kéblani, Director of Home Hospitalization (HAD) at the national level. Thanks to her determination and perseverance, she has become, through qualifying training, one of the most recognized experts in this specialized field.



Through anecdotes and a series of portraits, Valérie Mollière, nurse coordinator and author of "L'Age Fragile" tells us with great humanity, gentleness and humour, the daily life of a retirement home. Meeting with a passionate and committed professional.



Women in the Korian Group:
• 82% of women among the 50,000 employees at European level
• 45% women in the top 75 managers
• 25% women on the management committeeLes femmes au sein du groupe Korian

"The high proportion of women at Korian engages us and obliges us in the exercise of our activities and responsibilities. We are working to ensure that women have the same rights, opportunities for development, progression and professional recognition at all levels. We are committed to playing our role as an open, inclusive company for all. These films show that, regardless of gender and age, our raison d'être is attention to others." says Sophie Boissard, Managing Director of the Korian Group.