Korian celebrates its 20th anniversary!

This March 24, 2023 is not a day like any other. On this March 24, the Korian Group celebrates its 20th anniversary. How far we have come since 2003, driven by the collective energy and unwavering commitment in serving our residents and patients by all those who make up the Korian family: team members, healthcare professionals and caregivers.



In early 2000, the loss of autonomy by the elderly becomes a social issue. Public authorities emphasise the need for more support for senior citizens.

  • 2001: French Elderly dependency law

4 networks of medico-social establishments join forces, giving birth to Korian, which means ‘heart’ in Esperanto.

  • 2003: Besançon (France)

Korian gradually expands...

  • 2007: Germany, Italy

…getting involved to support research...

...and strengthening its expertise in health.

  • 2015: merger with Medica

In 2015, Korian is present in 4 countries.

  • 2015: Belgium joins the Group

In both rural and urban communities, Korian innovates to offer alternative living solutions and services adapted to real needs...

  • 2018
    • Acquisition of Petits-fils, network of domiciliary care
    • Partnership with Âges & Vie, to develop shared living houses

...and continues its commitment to a more inclusive society.

  • 2018
    • Inclusive business collective
    • Korian European Women’s Community

A new corporate project is taking shape, guided by 15 environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

  • 2019: ‘In caring hands’

We embrace all markets, old and new...

  • 2019
    • Entry into Spain (Seniors et Grupo 5)
    • New location in the Netherlands (Stepping Stone)

...involving all our healthcare professionals, caregivers, and team members, taking everyone into account, listening to every voice.

  • 2019
    • European Works Council
    • France: 1st Stakeholder Council

Bound by our 3 common values since 2020...

  • Trust, Initiative, Responsibility

...these values are reflected in each and every employee's career path, thanks to our training courses.

  • 2016: Growth of the Korian Academy on a European scale
  • 2020: 1st Apprentice Training Centre for chefs and 1st Apprentice Training Centre for carers
  • 2021: ‘Gateways’ retraining scheme

With three areas of activity...

  • Care homes
  • Healthcare facilities and services
  • Alternative living solutions

...in 7 European countries...

  • 2021: expansion into the UK

Korian expands to care for everyone…

  • 2022: Korian becomes a European Company

...and preserves its local identity and personal touch...

  • 2022: 700 local communities

...in sync with its staff—committed, attentive, and professional.

  • 2023: Employer of reference

You've been writing this story every day for 20 years, in 7 European countries.

  • 67,000 staff
  • 1,100 facilities
  • 810,000 patients and residents

And tomorrow? Together, we’ll continue to take care of each person’s humanity in times of Vulnerability.

  • 2023: Korian will become a purpose driven company