Korian announces its newly founded Board of Stakeholders

On 17 October Korian established its Board of Stakeholders, the first of its kind in the sector of care and support services for elderly people.

The board consists of 14 members that are not part of the Group and is headed by Dr Françoise Weber, ex Deputy Head of the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES), who is now retired. The mission of this independent Board is to help Korian better understand the challenges linked to its activity and to the societal questions related to ageing. The Board members include patient representatives, residents and seniors. There are also doctors and caregivers; development, living environment and usage experts; and researchers.


“I am proud that the Board of Stakeholders has been established and I hope that those who participate will provide their expertise on the transformation that our Group's various professions are undergoing. Discussions with the Board will help us to implement our new company project ‘In Caring Hands’, which promotes the high quality of daily care and the innovative spirit in all our social, medical or digital business dimensions”, says Sophie Boissard, CEO of the Korian group.


“I agreed to take up the position of Chair of the Korian Board of Stakeholders because I am convinced, especially in view of my previous positions, that communicating with the stakeholders and taking their view into account is essential nowadays, for companies as well as for institutions, to ensure they keep adapting to societal developments. While this relationship is already part of Korian’s vision and strategy, with the creation of this board it is now entrenched in them”, emphasizes Françoise Weber.

Françoise Weber