An innovative battery system installed at Sint-Lambertus' Buren nursing home

An innovative system inaugurated by the Minister of Energy

On April 30 2019, the Flemish Minister of Energy, Lydia Peeters, inaugurated a salt water battery system in the Senior Living Group nursing home - Sint-Lambertus' Buren, located in Halen, Belgium. This project is the result of a huge energy renovation of this facility, which will reduce electricity consumption by 35% and CO2 emissions by 40%. An energy renovation that also benefits the comfort of residents through remote monitoring of new facilities.

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A significant ecological project

This energy renovation was carried out by Wattson ('Energy Service Company', ESCO), which is responsible of the investments, financing, maintaining and monitoring the installations over the next 10 years. To finance this battery system, the Flemish Region and the Flemish Ministry of Energy, which contributed 52,500 euros, to support Wattson. The battery system is supplied by the Austrian company GREENROCK and consists of a 100% durable salt-water battery. 3E will ensure intelligent control of the battery system with its new SynaptiQ power software.

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A Senior Living Group-wide CSR policy

This nursing home is one of the 22 Group establishments that have benefited from energy renovations in which Wattson is involved, for a total investment of six million euros. The main investors are: Piet Colruyt's Investment Fund Impact Capital, Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen, and KBC. These positive environmental results are in line with Senior Living Group's strategy, which places a strong emphasis on environmental awareness to meet the expectations of its residents, whose comfort is the priority.


For Dominiek Beelen, Chief Executive Officer Korian Belgium: "Sustainable entrepreneurship is a priority at Senior Living Group. Environmental awareness and sustainable ecological policy are among the topics closely monitored by our Board of Directors. That's why, with Wattson, we have developed an economic model that allows us to make the necessary investments in our infrastructure and lighting and heating installations in a cost-neutral way, in order to make our buildings more ecological and sustainable. This coincides with the guarantees necessary for proper operation through remote monitoring and comprehensive maintenance contracts. In addition, we have found that the comfort of our residents themselves has also improved, which remains our first priority."