First vaccinations against Covid-19 across Europe

Under the coordination of national health authorities, we actively contributes to the start of the vaccination campaign in Europe.

As of today, the first vaccinations for volunteer resident and staff workers have already started in three of the Group's nursing homs in Germany: in Saxony, at the Haus an der Linde retirement home in Lichtentanne ; in Bavaria, at the Park retirement home in Lobberich and the Heide retirement home in Germering, where Bavaria's Minister of Health, Melanie Huml, came for a visit. By the end of next week, vaccinations will have started in around 10% of our 184 nursing homes in Germany.

The campaign will soon be launched in the Group’s other countries. In Spain, the government has announced that it intends to carry out the campaign on a massive scale in retirement homes during the first few days of January.

It will begin around the 8th of January in the Netherlands and Belgium and mid-January in Italy. In France, the campaign will be preceded by a period of information for residents and their families, before giving way to pre-vaccination consultations and the collection of consents. The first large-scale vaccinations could therefore begin around mid-January.

Vaccination, which protects the most vulnerable people against serious forms of Covid-19, is not compulsory. It is up to each person concerned to indicate, with knowledge of the associated risks and benefits, if they wish to benefit from it.