CSR Awards: "Le Point", with the Statista Institute, ranks Korian 1st "Socially Responsible Company 2022" in France in the medico-social sector
  • Korian, the most responsible company in France in the medico-social sector according to the Le Point-Statista CSR ranking.
  • The group was ranked 97th out of 2000 companies surveyed, a strong improvement over last year.

Korian awarded 1stère place among companies in the medico-social sector

Korian, Europe's leading company in the care sector for the elderly and frail, is in first place in the medical and social sector and 97th in the overall ranking for all sectors combined, according to a study carried out by the independent institute Statistica and published by Le Point on 18 November 2021..

These results confirm the relevance of the strategy deployed by the Group, which places corporate responsibility at the heart of value creation for all its stakeholders. They are in line with the analysis by Vigeo, published at the beginning of October 2021, which ranked Korian as the leading companyin terms of ESG policy.

Steady rise

For the second year in a row, Statista and "Le Point" have awarded the CSR prize to the 250 best socially responsible companies in France from a list of 2,000 companies with offices in France and at least 500 employees.

The main criterion for inclusion in the survey is the publication of a CSR report by the company over the last three years. Based on the reports published by the firms, the Statista institute evaluated the selected indicators, divided into three main categories:

Environment: carbon emissions, energy consumption, use of renewable energies...
Social: number of hours of training, work accidents, turnover, etc.
Governance: percentage of women on the board of directors, financial performance, R&D spending, etc.

And to ensure the veracity of the data and to be as objective as possible, an independent online survey of 5,000 French citizens was also carried out to complete the analysis of the performance indicators.