CliniDom becomes Korian’s hospital home care brand as of July 1st

Korian, European leader in senior care and support services, has acquired CliniDom, a hospital home care facility based in Clermont-Ferrand and providing highly specialised oncology services. Korian is thus accelerating its expansion on the hospital home care market by integrating a seventh network. From July 1st, all of Korian’s hospital home care services will operate under the CliniDom brand name.

Founded in 2008, CliniDom developed the concept of home nursing care specifically for cancer patients in the palliative care phase. Located in Auvergne, and operating in conjunction with Clermont-Ferrand university hospital’s oncology department and the Auvergne cancer centre, they manage an active list of some 80 patients per day.

CliniDom has more than 30 employees, and sends over 300 care workers to patients’ homes every day. Doctors specialising in palliative care and pain management and nurses trained in palliative care are the main providers of patient care, alongside the independent practitioners appointed by the facility. Three areas in the Puy-de-Dôme and Haute-Loire departments are currently covered. CliniDom’s aims are fully consistent with those of the national public health plan announced by the French Health Minister.

“We are convinced of the benefits of the model developed by CliniDom for caring for seriously ill patients in their own homes, acting as a medical facility which mobilises the medical, care and social resources required for this type of care. This model meets the requirements of both patients and public authorities. The acquisition of CliniDom consolidates our services by contributing new human and technical skills, and strengthens our prospects for care services in the patients’ own homes. What is more, this specialisation in oncology and palliative care will be extended to our other facilities, and will be a strong pillar of Korian’s partnership with public authorities," stresses Nicolas Mérigot, France Healthcare Division Executive VP.

Doctor Yvon Leroux, CliniDom’s founder, adds: “Hospital home care development is at a turning point in France. It now needs to find the resources to become a hospital facility in its own right. In particular, this means acquiring specialised medical skills, which for CliniDom are centred on oncology and palliative care. It must thereby constitute a key component in the shift to ambulatory care, which is essential to the evolution of healthcare services. The commitment we share with Korian to extend our model to other structures in the Group and to other regions creates a dynamic that will result in the formation of France’s foremost private group for hospital home care facilities.”