Claude Czech, honorary magistrate, appointed as Mediator, Korian France

Korian is a forerunner in the medico-social and health sector with this new structured mediation mechanism within its network.

In application of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


« The quality of the relationship with residents, patients and their families is at the heart of our commitments," says Nicolas Mérigot, CEO of Korian France. The appointment of a Mediator finalises a system of listening and dialogue which starts, of course, in the establishments but which may sometimes require the intervention of a third party. We are proud to be pioneers in our sector by having institutionalised mediation. »


Claude Czech was appointed for a period of three years by a college composed equally of approved consumer protection associations and company representatives, after consultation with its Stakeholder Council.

Claude Czech, who is not an employee of the company, is completely independent in the execution of his mission. His team consists of independent mediators. Residents, patients and their families can contact him directly, once the necessary steps have been taken, and his contact details are now included in the stay contracts and welcome booklets.

Honorary magistrate, he is former president of the tribunal de grande instance of Avesnes-sur Assises he organised in Bordeaux on the theme "Developing a culture of mediation". -Helpe (59). A graduate mediator from the Paul Valéry University in Montpellier (2017), he is a member of the European Group of Magistrates for Mediation (Gemme), whose 2018 He is also vice-president of the Regional Institute of Mediation of Occitania (IRMOC).


« The placement of a person in the medico-social and health sector can be a source of anxiety for his or her relatives, due to his or her possible vulnerability," explains Claude Czech, the Korian Mediator. This anxiety sometimes leads to misunderstandings, or even tensions, which are detrimental to the residents or patients, but also to the staff responsible for providing them with care. The intervention of a mediator - a neutral, impartial and independent third party - is likely to re-establish dialogue, trust and above all the peaceful evolution of the resident. I will therefore endeavour to unravel the threads of discord, in order to calm relations and re-establish a dispassionate and reasonable relationship, in the interests of everyone. »


All the details of the mediation process are available on its website

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