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Korian en Belgique

Nursing homes : 114
Assisted living facilities : 6
Home care services : delivered by a network of around 360 FTEs and 450 self-employed nurses.


In Belgium, Korian is the biggest name in the long-term care nursing home market, on top of which it provides a wide palette of care solutions for seniors, including assisted living facilities and outpatient centres where mildly dependent people can be treated. Our rehabilitation centres teams look after elderly people for short periods, particularly following hospitalisation.


Dominiek Beelen, CEO of Korian Belgium

Solutions that benefit our patients and residents 

Senior Plaza, an innovative mini village for senior care
This mini village is integrated into the town and regroups all the care services an elderly person could need.
There are five parts to the site: long-term accommodation at the 76-bed care home; 57 assisted living apartments; 10 short-stay bedrooms; a 15-place outpatient unit; and the 300 m² main square where residents gather to socialise and take part in activities. At Senior Plaza, seniors also have access to a wellness water centre and an interior walkway lined with shops, a restaurant, a hairdresser, and a delicatessen, which is also open to the town’s residents. The idea is that the mini village revolves around elderly people and helps them to maintain their lifestyle and their relationships with family and friends.

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