Be a commited and responsible local partner

With sites right in the heart of the areas where people live, and a very dense network in both rural and urban areas, Korian plays a big part in the vitality of the regions. Both our fixed and mobile health care teams actively contribute to local public health policies, and our facilities are involved in the local economy, as creators of stable, sustainable and inclusive jobs, and as purchasers of products and services. As a place where intergenerational intermingling takes place, each site also encourages dialogue between the commune, the facility and the families, particularly through the Social Life Councils. Similarly, our staff are involved in local life through associations and practical projects.

Wishing to further reinforce and broaden this social integration, the Group is committed to:

  • at least 70% of the purchases of products and services made in the countries in which we operate and at least 20% from SMEs
  • 100% of sites involved in an association- or community-based project
  • 100% of sites having a Social Life Council.

Axe4 engagement1
70% of purchases made in one of the Group's countries, including 20% from SMEs

Axe 4 engagement 2
100% of sites involved in an association- or community-based project by 2023

Axe4 engagement 3
Local Community & Family Committees in 100% of facilities by 2023

Commitment 1: 70% of purchases made in one of the Group's countries, including 20% from SMEs

Arnaud ChouletArnaud Choulet, Group Purchasing Director

This commitment pushes us to constantly increase our regional purchasing and to interact increasingly closely with our ecosystem so that we can play our part in a virtuous circle in every living area.

By prioritising local suppliers, we help to develop the ecosystem that surrounds us while offering quality services that are fully aligned with our core beliefs and values. Hence this commitment to buy from the countries in which we operate and, as far as possible, within our regions.
We’ve already exceeded the Group’s Europe-wide commitment, with 80% of our products "Made in France". In terms of food, our biggest purchase item, the pork, poultry and eggs we buy are 100% French, and 98% of our bread comes from the local baker. Apart from food, our suppliers for cleaning, outside areas and maintenance are also regional or local. We also want to be an actor for inclusion by contributing to the growth of SMEs, which are major sources of local employment.

Finally, Korian includes a responsible purchasing charter in all its contracts and calls for tenders. This sets out the commitments required from all its suppliers, as well as those that Korian makes to them. To verify compliance with this charter, we use the independent organisation ECOVADIS, which, at the end of 2019, asked to assess all our suppliers’ social, ethical and environmental practices. Action plans will be drawn up with some to improve their environmental performance.

Commitment 2: 100% of sites involved in an association- or community-based project by 2023

Christel WilsChristel Wils, Manager of the De Witte Bergen facility

There are many associations involved in Korian facilities, and the facilities cultivate close links with them.” Staff are involved in the associations too. Their actions centre on friendship, support or activities, stimulating social bonding, communication and the sharing of emotions; helping to maintain intellectual or physical capacities; and also informing, training and supporting residents, patients and families.”

De Witte Bergen is an open house. So that elderly people can come to see this new living space as their home rather than a nursing home, and to guarantee quality of life for residents, families and employees, we connect everything that happens in our home with our surrounding environment as much as we can. Over the years, we’ve put a lot of effort into working closely with those around us. We’re able to count on 114 volunteers who support our teams in different areas, from entertainment to care. They rightly include people with disabilities, who love coming to help with the ironing, and in the kitchen or the pub.

We work closely with local schools, organising get-togethers between our residents and schoolchildren, either on our premises or sometimes externally. Every year, via the "teenager meetz senior" project, secondary school students spend a day with us, ending with a formal presentation to our residents of handmade booklets, in the presence of the mayor.

As active members of the "dementia-friendly municipality" group, we contribute to the municipality's dementia policy, in conjunction with the regional centre of expertise, home care services, etc. We collaborate with the "Harten Drie" (Three Hearts) services centre to serve a weekly low-cost meal to local inhabitants. All these contacts mean that we are well known, and we also benefit from such close cooperation.

Commitment 3 : Local Community & Family Committees in 100% of facilities by 2023

Christiane MeyerChristiane Meyer, Chair of the "Heimbeirat" at the Haus an den Niddaauen in Frankfurt

"In the Group's facilities, dialogue with residents, patients and their families is encouraged, in particular through the implementation of regular regulatory meetings, via the Social Life Council (CVS) in France and the "Heimbeirat" in Germany. These regulatory structures exist in all the countries and must become the forum for quality dialogue with the appropriate key individuals within Korian facilities.”

For example, the "Heimbeirat” council in our home comprises two residents and three representatives of their relatives. We share residents' suggestions and concerns. So that we can collect these and understand the issues affecting them as fully as possible, we listen to them constantly and we commit to meeting all their physical and psychological needs. We have also set up a monthly consultation hour for residents, and of course we’re available by phone or e-mail.

The facility and the company are always open to our concerns. We always feel we're being taken seriously, The ongoing communication with members of the advisory board, other residents and facility staff means that solutions are developed in a spirit of constructive cooperation. We feel that our loved ones are in good hands here. It is precisely in times of crisis that a company's professionalism and sense of responsibility is most evident. When the coronavirus outbreak happened, Korian reacted immediately and quickly implemented all the necessary health and safety measures to protect residents, relatives and employees.