Social policy & diversity

To create a motivating and secure workplace for our employees

Remaining attentive to our employees

Our labour policy focuses on the motivation and wellbeing of our teams, two fundamental elements in our business. This policy relies notably on a strong integration system, permanent trainings, a reinforced social dialogue and an attention given to the expectations and the needs of our employees in the different countries.

This attention translates into an internal satisfaction survey led in the four countries, called Kommunity, and social assistants helping employees in France experiencing social difficulties. We also own training institutes in each country, in order to strengthen our employees’ skills and technical expertise and to offer concrete perspectives of evolution and mobility in our facilities.

Reducing professional risks

We ensure to offer a secure workplace to our employees. We pay close attention to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, the management of work-related stress and to the assessment of professional risks, through communication and dedicated training. 

As for examples, we offer, throughout France, a "Preventive action of the month", to remind of the main safety recommendations to be aware of in terms of workplace risks (risk of fires, falls and slipping, chemical products, handling, accidental exposure to blood, road risks, etc.). In Germany, the workplace and medical safety database (ECONOMED), which includes annual instructions on preventing workplace accidents, was implemented in all the facilities. As for our Italian subsidiary, it acts to protect the health and safety of its employees through training and prevention measures. And in Belgium in 2014, analysis of psychosocial risks on stress at work took place and support groups were held.

Promoting diversity

Diversity is an integral part of our culture. Professional equality between men and women, proactive policy in favour of disabled workers, recruitment and employment of young and older people: we wish to promote all form of diversity.

This commitment translates into agreements signed with trade unions or employee representative bodies in France. With full parity in management positions and no inequalities in compensation, the Group is exemplary in matters of gender equality in France. In 2015, the Korian group ranks 2nd amongst the companies with the most female managers (Ethics &Boards ranking of 120 French companies).

We apply a proactive policy in favour of disabled workers, with concrete objectives to hire, train and support them. For example, Korian in France organises regular awareness campaigns and has signed an agreement in 2012 on defining adapted workstations and working hours. The group also entered a partnership with an employment website dedicated to the recruitment of workers with disabilities.

In 2013, Korian France signed an intergenerational agreement to promote young and senior people’s employment. Korian thus committed to hire 500 young people each year during the 3 years of the agreement and to maintain the employment rate of older people at 11% of its total staff in France.

Respecting legal and conventional provisions

Korian ensures that the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are complied with, i.e. that all legal and conventional provisions are applied when negotiating either group or company agreements.

In the four countries where it operates, the Group complies with the principles provided for by the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Office, particularly with respect to the elimination of forced labour and the abolition of child labour.