To reduce the environmental impact of our facilities and prevent climate change

Monitoring the energy performance

Korian commits to help all its facilities in Europe effectively reduce their environmental footprint. Promoted by the Human Ressources Group Direction, the development of a dedicated reporting and piloting platform should allow these facilities to track their water and energy consumption and their management of waste in order to improve their environmental and financial performance. This approach is part of a larger approach to raise employee’s awareness on environmentally-friendly behaviours, and the sharing of good practices with great impact between facilities.

Reducing risks of pollution

Our actions to prevent environmental risks and pollution are based around 3 priority areas: construction, sustainable facility management, waste management and responsible purchasing.

For instance, Korian has implemented in France a new concept of bio-cleaning ergonomic equipment which reduces water consumption, the use of chemicals, single-use consumables, which pollute significantly, and waste generation. The concept eliminates products in sprays, which reduces the risk for people attending the facility of inhaling chemical particles.